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I have a camera!!!

This picture is dedicated  to tvoom. Thank you very much Pete, for giving me your “old” and loved camera. And also thanks for your long and close friendship.                                                                                                                                                                               

Thank you so much photographers-of-colour, luxlit, lensblr-network, biutifulpics, arsphtgrphreblog, the-masterworks, inspiringbitsandpieces, lightisphotography, atphotoreblog, achatensisreblog, subaruking54, i-lost-myself-in-reality, myscaleddownlikes, xyalon, dareca79, bereen33 for the reblogs.
A special thanks goes out for hammadichakouath and u-n-b-u-n-t for the nice shoutout, and for ambroseharte for your wonderful poem.

Thank you so much my dear followers. Thank you for your likes, comments and nice messages. I really appreciate your support and your inspiring work. You are fantastic!

You look so tired. Go to bed!

Asked by Anonym

Hey, and today I am wearing makeup. Just imagine how I look without. Lovely compliment by the way


Remember “No Edit Friday”?

How can you not? Every Friday is “No Edit Friday”.

Post your unedited photos (only resizing and watermarking allowed) on Friday to your blog and use “no edit friday" as one of the first five tags (this is important, because only the first five tags will go into the Tumblr search engine).

"PWS - Photos Worth Seeing" will reblog the coolest, most beautiful, most spectacular unedited shots on Sunday.

More information about “No edit Friday” to be found here.

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing


The Drawing Of Stephi

You know Stephi not yet? Then it’s high time!
Visit their page on: http://stephiramona.tumblr.com/

She makes fantastic pictures with their iPhone. Stunning Shots.

Thank you so much, David. I’m speechless… You really made my day! I hope you know you are crazy ;)

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